What to Look for in Tennis Shoes


Tennis is a highly active racket sports which requires plenty of physical stamina, a good racket, and most importantly the right tennis shoes. Your feet bear most of the abuse and balance in a tennis game. Since tennis is a game which requires freestyle and no shortage of playing styles starting from backstroke, side to side, lunging, running, jumping and more, you need to know what to look for in Tennis shoes. 

Thus you need a diversified pair of tennis shoes which can help you play the right stroke in all styles. In this article we will discuss what you should look for while buying your tennis shoes and get all the ideas to decide what kind of tennis shoes you will need. 

What to Look for in Tennis Shoes

what to look for in Tennish shoes

There are certain factors that you need to consider before you choose your tennis shoes. Most of them are features of your preferred shoes, but you have to consider some external factors as well.

Type of Playground

  • The types of playground you will be playing in determine a lot of what kind of shoes you should get. Whether you play on clay, grass or hard ground you should select your tennis shoes accordingly. Hard courts are the most popular type of playgrounds. 
  • For hard ground courts, you should be choosing a shoe which has fantastic outsole durability. Hard court tennis shoes have a herringbone pattern to help you increase stability and grip on the hard surface. It should also contain an ample cushion that will help absorb any shock from hard surfaces. The toe region is built strongly to support your toes against the hard surface underneath.
  • The sole of a shoe for playing on clay court should feature a full zig zag herringbone tread pattern. This complex pater will prevent claying from sticking onto your soles during the match. The design makes sliding, printing and jumping very easy and comfortable. The shoes should also have a tight knit on the upper side.
  • For playing on a grass field you should pick shoes which are soft on your joints. The shoes should have a proper grass court outsole. The sole should have nubs and or pimple shaped designs on them. This will allow the player to move around flexibly on the field.

Shoe Style

It is important to determine the right style of tennis shoe pairs. The shoes need to a perfect fit for your feet. Too big will cause you to loose balance and fall down and get hurt. Too small will make your feet compact and make your movements difficult. 

Both men and women should have different shoe styles. A tennis shoe is divided into 5 different parts. The outsole, mid sole, insole, toe cap and toe box. Many shop keepers sell athletic shoes to tennis players. So do not get fooled. While buying tennis shoes make sure to check if you shoes have all these regions. 

Determine Your Foot Type

If you are a tennis player you should already know your foot type. In case you do not, there are 3 different types of foot: Over pronator, neutral, and under pronator. To find out your foot type you can carry out a wet test. Wet your foot ad step on a dark colored paper. Then observe the size and characteristics of your foot.

  • Over-pronation: If your foot is completely imprinted on paper than your foot type is over protonated. Over protonated feet get rolled inward during each stride and requires a highly stabilizing tennis shoe pairs
  • Neutral: If your foot requires moderate space, then your foot type is neutral. 
  • Under Pronation: If your foot leaves a large open space then your foot type of under protonated. Under protonated feet usually roll outward while playing tennis. Thus players require a flexible lightweight shoe for absorbing shock while jumping and making other movements.

Get the Correct Size

Sizing is very important. Many of us get confused due to the various sizes available in the market. Starting from UK, Euro, US, Inches and Centimeter sizes. Remember to buy your tennis shoes which of the sizing pattern you have always worn. Do not go from switching from Euro size 37 to UK size 7, because these conversions are not the same. A shoe for euro size 37 is between sizes 4-5 in UK shoe size. 

Body Weight

Your body weight is also a factor for determining which pair of tennis shoes will be the right one for you. Depending on your body weight and game style you have to pick your shoes accordingly. Women and men have different body weight so it is not recommended that you go for unisex shoes.

Always check the ladies sector for choosing your tennis shoes if you are a women, and likewise the men’s section of you are a man. According to body weight shoe types can be divided into three categories: Light weight, Middle weight tennis shoes and feather light tennis shoes. 


Brands come up with their own design and sole pattern for tennis shoes. Sometimes people’s fascination for brands drives them into buying products of their favorite brands.  At the end it is all about preferences. Here we have listed few popular brands which sells tennis shoes.

  1. Nike: is one of the best brands for best quality tennis shoes for men, women and children.
  2. Adidas: Adidas court tennis shoes are supportive, sustainable and highly durable.
  3. ASICS: has premium quality, durable, stable, high performance shoes which are also comfortable.
  4. New Balance: New balance 1000 shoes are known for their extra wide width and adaptive fitting.
  5. K-Swiss: They are known for their long lasting quality, sleek design and great comfort.
  6. Wilson Tennis Shoes: are one of a kind high performance quality shoes with three kinds durable Rush Pros, the lightweight Kaoses, and the high-topped Amplifeels.

Bottom Line

Now that you what to look for in Tennis shoes ought to know what type of tennis shoe you should be purchasing for yourself. Getting the right kind is highly essential, as shoes help determine the course of movement and your match. Have a great game with the best shoes and enjoy your match. 

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