What to Wear with Brown Casual Shoes?

Next to black, brown shoes may be the most versatile footwear in your wardrobe. You can pair them with almost anything and they’ll look decent. When it comes to casual wear, brown casual shoes are definitely one of the pairs that you’ll get the most use out of.

Tired of black? Give your shoe rack a much needed revamp by getting a pair of high-quality brown shoes. Update your style and introduce some warm color palettes in your wardrobe.

There are way too many options floating around us, making it somewhat tricky to find the ultimate pair of brown casual shoes for the occasion. This is where we come in. After some much research and evaluation, we’ve rounded up a bunch of helpful tips to compose this guide on what to wear with brown casual shoes that set you apart from the rest.

Keep This in Mind While Wearing Brown Shoes

While they’re incredibly versatile and elegant as mutually exclusive entities, black and brown as a combination is something that you shouldn’t get into. The shades don’t have enough contrast between them, so everything ends up looking like a mismatch.

Black suits are super popular with men, and thus, brown shoes take more of a backseat here. However, women like to experiment with colors a lot even when they’re wearing suits, so brown shoes make sense.

But today, we’ll only discuss about brown casual shoes and the best way to make it coherent with the rest of your outfit. Brown casual shoes go with multiple colors, patterns, and prints. Blue, green, grey, and many more colored clothes look great with brown casual shoes. For instance, you could pair your brown loafers with a casual white tee and shorts and give yourself an effortless yet fun look.

Not only that, but brown shoes add the much needed “casualness” to many outfits.


This is where it’s okay to break the golden look of never pairing black and brown together. For the ultimate casual look, brown shoes are perfect when you’re wearing black trousers or jeans.

Loafers may be the best, most classic way to explain this. If you’re wearing black trousers and decided to go for the ever-so-casual loafers, you should get them in brown. Pairing matching belts with the shoes gives everyone an idea that you were the one with such amazing color choice.

For the months where the scorching heat is upon us, put on some chino shorts and couple it with a little brown deck shoes.

If you’re facing winter were you’re living, a pair of durable and rugged leather boots are everything you need for the winter (and it looks quite impressive when you have chinos on. 

Sneakers are a wardrobe staple and go with almost anything casual, and brown sneakers are the same. You can throw on a tee with some trousers and put on your favorite brown sneakers to exude a laid-back, chilled attire.

As a woman, consider picking up your favorite gladiator sandals. These sandals are the epitome of boho chic and that trend is all about warm colors and brown undertones. You can pair your strappy sandals with a maxi dress for the ultimate flowy yet playful look.

Brown boat shoes are everything a boy would look for in shoes that are both comfy and stylish. Thankfully, the world has become pretty receptive to this one and every other male will own a pair of brown boat shoes that they wear literally everywhere.

Smart Casual

You know what’s a simple yet effective answer to casual events? Coordinated separates that move like Jagger. How about pairing neutral brown brogues with a vintage check tweed jacket?

If looking for the casual, smart, heritage look, Brown Chelsea boots will fit the bill perfectly. Throw on a check shirt and plain moleskin trousers.

If you’re more of a traditional style kind of person, you can wear suede, brown derbys. There’s a rule of thumb that says lighter browns mainly signify casualness while darker brown is more concerned about formal appearances.

What Not to Do While Wearing/Planning on Wearing with Brown Casual Shoes

With all the do’s out of the way, let’s take a look at all the don’ts you must keep in mind while purchasing shoes.

  • Completely refrain from putting on brown shoes for formal white tie or black tie events.
  • Brown casual shoes will look incredible with grey and blue sits. Are you placing an order soon?
  • Tweed like heritage suits may be perfect for brown brogues.
  • Brown casual shoes have a super strong loving relationship with jeans and cords.

How Do I Decide What to Wear?

Well, it’s not exactly rocket-science, deciding on something can be quite difficult, especially when there’s a pair of shoes involved.

How do you figure out what is going to look the best on you? This is a rather perceptional answer, but here are our top picks for casual style:

There aren’t many hard end rules when it comes to pairing brown casual boots with anything. On any other day, if you’re wearing a shirt paired with shorts, you’ll definitely look great with brown casual wear. You can decide to take the monotonous tone inside and make it better. There are many boards on Pinterest where you will be able to derive motivation to come up with new outfits alongside this guide.

Bottom Line

All in all, casual shoes do mostly fit into the crowd but brown casual shoes aren’t ignored that easily. If you’re concerned about what you can pair with brown casual shoes, go shopping after reading our guilde on what to wear with brown casual shoes. You shall be able to pick out things that meet your personal requirement. Then again, much like with any other casual shoe, you can’t wear your casual shoes everywhere. Determine whether it’s the one for you and stick to that.

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