What to Wear with Pink Sneakers: Outfit Ideas

While black and white are the mainstream colors when it comes to sneakers, pink is the go-to choice for many when they want a splash of color in their look. Before we dig into what to wear with pink sneakers, know that there’s a misconception that pink only complements shades of a similar spectrum, but it’s been proved over and over again how amazingly you can color block with this bubbly shade.

Wearing pink is a great display of your feminine side, and men and women alike like the shade in their wardrobe. Today we show you some of our favorite looks that make the best of the color pink and gives you an overall chic and harmonized look. 

If you have a pair of pink sneakers, you can style it both ways – cute and fierce. We also feature pink sneakers of various colors, starting from blush to fuchsia and hot pink.

what to wear with pink sneakers

Want to look fabulous in your pink kicks? Keep on reading.

  1. All Blush Pink: Styling yourself from head to toe in pink is a super cute idea – given you can execute it properly. A bit too much and you’ll look like a lump of cotton candy. Here’s an idea: Pair an oversized bomber coat with a maxi dress and quilted jacket and tie up the look with your sneakers of the same shade. Blush is an incredible choice for this as it captures of essence of spring, cherry blossoms, cute aesthetics, and brightness. How about a pink mohair coat styled with pinstripe pants of the same color, a nice tote bag, and pink kicks? You’re ramp-ready in seconds!
  2. Black Jacket and Fuchsia Sneakers: It’s a known fact that black pairs excellently with darker shades of pink like fuchsia, hot pink, and magenta. Go simple for the lower half of the body with a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. Put on a black fur coat over a minimalistic shirt so all the focus is on the jacket. Complete the look with fuchsia sneakers. Who says pink is only a cutesy color?
  3. Black Leggings and Pink Sneakers: If you’re not down for the whole fur aesthetic, take the easiest route and wear simple black leggings, a muted color jacket and pink sneakers. Opt for no-show socks, a big bag, and black shades for an effortless look that’s perfectly airport friendly. Chilling indoors or going out with friends? Ditch the jacket if it’s too heavy and pick out a grey sweatshirt. Ultimate light and breezy fashion.
  4. Hoodies and Sneakers: Winter is great for a ton of things, but mostly the hoodies. And you know what hoodie season means? All the sneakers in the world, because hoodies and sneakers are a match made in heaven. Oversized hoodies are all the rage right now, so pick out a hoodie of your favorite shade of pink or black, throw on a pair of leggings and put on your pink kicks. A beanie would be practical, comfy, and very chic.
  5. Coats and Sneakers: Sneakers and coats are a classic combination, something you can’t go wrong with. Pick a blush sweatshirt under a plain grey coat, a pair of slim fit jeans, and finish with blush sneakers. Add accessories if you would like to: A grey backpack and a cream fedora hat. Alternatively, team up a blush tailored coat with black pants and the same blush sneakers. For the ultimate fall look, consider adding a ribbed beanie of a lighter share, like beige or white. Here’s how to style an oversized coat: Wear it over a neutral color top, preferably grey, ripped white jeans. Blush kicks to complete the look.
  6. Jeans and Pink Sneakers: Pink kicks are super easy to style, so try them with a combination of a striped pullover and ripped skinny jeans. Create a fun, casual look with a simple white tee, blue skinny jeans, a khaki jacket accessorized as a tie around the waist. Finish with pink kicks. Another splendid combo for a lazy weekend is that of a white t-shirt, blue slim jeans, and chunky pink sneaks. Want to add a bit of flair to the look? Put on a pair of mirrored shades. Backpacks are a hot trend now, so go ahead and sling your pink backpack around your shoulder. On chilly days, pick out a turtle neck with a slouchy fit and pair up with knee-ripped jeans and a pair of blush kicks.
  7. Short Suits and Pink Sneakers: Blush kicks complement short suits quite nicely. Update your look with a round white handbag and classy shades.
  8. Skirt and Sneakers: What’s a perfect casual style with skirt and sneakers? A white tee tucked into a printed midi skirt. Rounded pink shades and blush kicks add some glamour to the look. Cute and fashionable.
  9. Blazer and Sneaker: Light blue skinny jeans and blush sneakers are another golden match. Pair those up with a white top and blazer. How about adding a shoulder clutch bag in the same blush sad and a pair of oversized cat-eye shades?
  10. Dress and Pink Sneakers: Long-sleeve white dresses ideally match with bright pink sneakers and a bold black leather biker jacket. An elegant yet attractive style for all the fahionistas out there. Sweater dresses are perfect for the colder days, and with that, a black leather jacket, baby pink kicks, and a scarf. Oversized shades to give it that oomph factor.
  11. Tracksuit and Sneakers: A white tracksuit over a long-sleeve black top couple with a pair of pink sneakers is one of the top 10 most effortless yet awesome looks. Sporty casual takes a new turn with this look.


These are our top picks for pink sneaker looks. But then again, they’re simply suggestions on what to wear with pink sneakers. If you find something that you love and is not included in the list, feel free to rock it! We’re sure you can.

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