What to Wear with Tennis Shoes


Sports shoes, or more particularly, tennis shoes are pretty versatile in terms of looks. You can actually pair these shoes with a wide variety of outfits from various style genres across the board.  Let’s talk about some ideas on what to wear with tennis shoes.

While tennis shoes are most widely worn for playing tennis and a bunch of other sporting activities, they can be worn casually as well. But when wearing tennis shoes, it is easy to get flustered by the variety of outfits that you can choose from. 

So in order to help you figure out what the best apparel is for pairing with tennis shoes, we will explain the possible outfits that fit this criteria. So if you want to know about what to wear with tennis shoes, be sure to stick around with us till the very end of this article as we will cover multiple topics related to this. 

So it that sounds interesting to you, let’s have a look at the outfits you can wear with tennis shoes.  

Conventional Tennis Outfit

Before we step out of the realm of tennis for pairing outfits with tennis shoes, let’s have a background check on the conventional outfits worn by tennis players throughout the years and what they wear at present. 

Back in the days, when tennis was starting to get popular and being played as a competitive sport, people used to wear loose fitted polo shirts and trousers. This was more widely common in male tennis players. Both of these were white in color and it was kind of a thing to wear all white outfits for playing tennis till the late 90s and early 2000s even.

Soon, around the 90s, the apparel changed a bit. Women would wear polos and shorts or skirts, while men would wear polos and shorts. In the early days, they stuck to the white uniforms, but soon they opted for more colorful alternatives. 

In the 2000s and till the present, tank top jerseys are also worn by tennis players. The fabric of the uniforms used to be cotton back in the days, but it was gradually changed to polyester and other synthetic materials. 

Now people wear polos or tank top jerseys with shorts or skirts (for women) while playing tennis. So you can say that is the conventional outfit for playing tennis at present.  

What other outfits to wear with tennis shoes

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s have a look at outfits outside the realm of tennis. While these are outfit ideas that apply to situations outside of the tennis court, most of these are still going to be related to sports or any type of physical activity. 

Jersey and Joggers

As we just mentioned, a jersey and jogger is a very sporty and athletic outfit. You can wear tennis shoes with jerseys and joggers and go out for working out or jogging or playing any sport you want for fun. 

Jerseys are very comfortable and provide lots of mobility and so do joggers. So it is natural that such an athletic combination of an outfit would be paired with an athletic footwear. And what better footwear that tennis shoes, right? 

There’s another variation of this outfit which is slightly comfier. Instead of jersey and joggers, you can also wear a fitted t-shirt and sweatpants. No, they are not the same. Yes, there is a difference between the two. T-shirts are more relaxed and usually made with more breathable fabrics and so are sweatpants.

This outfit is perfect for wearing to the gym, to a jogging park, working out at home, playing soccer or basketball or any other sport- basically any sort of athletic activity. 

So if you want to try out a sporty look while wearing tennis shoes, the jersey and jogger (or tee and sweatpants) is perfect!

Track Suit

Want to go running in tennis shoes? Pair them with a track suit! Track suits are highly underrated pieces of clothing that we don’t pay much attention to. These are also athletic clothing and look amazing with good tennis shoes. 

You could wear a dark colored track suit (we recommend the Adidas ones with stripes) and pair that with a high quality pair of tennis shoes. Trust us on this, you would look great in that!

You could wear this outfit while going for those early morning jogs when the sun isn’t even up yet. So we highly recommend this outfit for wearing with tennis shoes.

Tee and Jeans

Bet you didn’t see this one coming? Who are we kidding, you probably did, as a lot of people already wear this on a day to day basis. 

Pairing tennis shoes with a t-shirt and jeans is one of the most classic outfits out there. Almost everyone wears tee and jeans with sport shoes for more mobility and comfort. 

But if styled wrong, tennis shoes can look terrible with t-shirt and jeans. Try to go for simpler designs with no funky logos and patterns on the sneakers, to fully rock the tee and jeans look. 

Keep your outfit simple; go for a solid colored tee, a well-fitted (not skinny) jeans and a nice and simple pair of tennis shoes for your outfit. You should look absolutely great and stylish!

Final Words

We suppose that’s all for what to wear with tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are very versatile and incredibly comfortable, and on top of that- they provide amazing support while performing any sporting activity or just walking. This is what makes it an amazing footwear option for a lot of occasions. 

From this so many outfit ideas bloomed in our head. We hope you’re better able to style your tennis shoes now. We hope you had a fun time reading this article and learned something new today. That’s it for this article, see you next time!

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