What to Wear With White Sneakers

When going out on a date, or meeting up with an employer for the very first time, it is important to look your best without necessarily overdoing your outfit. You want to look chic, presentable, and definitely set a good first impression, but without the effort. In this case, white sneakers are your best friend. But, what to wear with white sneakers to make an impressive look? Such shoes are obviously very casual, but they can also be paired up with literally anything and everything to create bold, modern and very sophisticated looks. 

However, how do you know which look will work for you? Of course, you can surely try wearing everything to see what looks okay on you, but that is time consuming and might not even bear the best results in the end! 

To help you get started with your look-book for the day, we have summed up a list of all the stuff you can wear and pair with white sneakers to get the attention of the crowd. 

After this article, we can guarantee that you will not be confused about what to wear with white sneakers any longer!

Wearing with white sneaker

What to Wear With White Sneakers: For Men

While some men out there heavily rely on getting fashion inspiration from Instagram influencers and TikTok users, it is of no doubt that the majority of us have simply no idea whatsoever when it comes to fashion! 

But don’t you worry about that anymore, as this article will lead you through the dos and don’ts of pairing up white sneakers. 

Do Wear Shorts

When going for white sneakers, you can obviously tell that nothing can beat creating a very casual and laid down look for the outfit. In this situation, the best kind of outfit to pair with your white sneakers would be khaki shorts. 

Given that a white sneaker is well, white, you will want to stick to a specific theme while putting on different layers of clothes. 

If you are going for a plain shirt or tee, make sure to stick with an equally neutral colored shorts on the bottom. Since your sneakers are going to be white, pairing it up with neutral shaded layering will help create a very monochrome, minimalistic look that is currently a trend. 

Don’t Wear Socks with Shorts

Unless you want to look like you are always either at the gym or just coming back home from school, ditch the socks. Yes, socks can feel pretty good with white sneakers, and honestly, it isn’t that bad either visually! But wearing it on a date or maybe a casual interview with an employer can make you look like a slob. 

You want to achieve a slimmed down, buttoned down look when pairing shorts, a tee or shirt with white sneakers (without or without socks). 

Do Wear Black 

We cannot stress enough about how cool it looks to wear all black with white sneakers on! Contrary to popular belief, you do not look like you’re into Goth when wearing all black, so please go ahead and try this combination out. 

The best way to pair white sneakers with anything black is to simply throw on a fitted, leather jacket over top. This can go in two ways- (1) You will look really sexy, (2) You will come off as someone who puts effort in how he looks; there’s no in-between here!

Call me biased, but pairing white sneakers with either a black leather jacket during spring or a long over-coat during winter is one of the best looks a man can pull off!

Do Not Wear Flashy Colors with Black Layers

If you do not want to look like the clown next door, don’t opt for wearing any other color as layers over an all-black outfit with white sneakers. It will look way too cluttered and also not well-thought out either, so it is better to stick to just one shade of color.

What to Wear With White Sneakers: For Women

Unlike men, women have way more choices and options when it comes to pairing up anything with white sneakers. From short dresses to maxi-dresses to even skinny jeans and short skirts, a woman can literally pull of any look with a pair of white sneakers. 

Do Wear Ripped Jeans 

If you want to spend a girls-night out with the squad or even go bowling with a loved one, pairing up white sneakers with ripped jeans can make you look amazing and also fit the scene perfectly. 

This fit layered with a neutral tee or tank top, complete with either a flannel shirt or leather jacket on will definitely be the perfect shot for some memorable selfies. 

Don’t Wear Too Long Skirts 

If you are going to be wearing a flow-y clothing item with white sneakers, stick with maxi-dresses or mid-length skirts instead of long-skirts that reach below your ankles. 

Wearing such lengths will barely show your pretty sneakers, while also creating chances of you tripped down the street! Also, long-skirts tend to make a person look much older than they really are, so unless you are okay with that, we suggest you stick with something just a tad bit shorter. 

Do Wear Joggers

Athleisure is currently a new trend in the streets, and this is the perfect chance for you to bring out your fun joggers and sporty clothes and pair them up with white sneakers. Such a bold yet comfy look will definitely steal the scene wherever you go!

Do Wear Oversized Sweaters

Take out your fluffy over-sized sweaters this winter and pair them up with a nicely fitted jeans, white sneakers and comfy socks! This outfit combination is chic, very comfortable and also very appropriate for many different settings, ranging from casual dates to meetings and even sleep-overs. 


There are so many ways to pair up white sneakers to create the perfect outfit look-book! We hope you liked our suggestions and found them to fit your criteria as well! 

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