What Your Gym Shoes Say About You

Although shoes are not the first time we notice in people, but they do reflect a lot about a person’s choices, personality and inner self. When we go to a shoe shop to purchase a pair of gym shoes we choose the ones that have best color, brand, size, pattern and fitting.

But did you know all these choices we make actually reveal a lot about how we are and our inner persona? There is a popular saying ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ but trying to find out about a person or judging his choices by the type of gym shoes he wear can reveal a lot about himself, and we believe it is just fine.

Moreover, several studies and research have found that type of shoes or gym shoes reflects its wearer’s person traits, if one closely observe, it can also lead to finding important information about the wearer too.  To what your gym shoes say about you, read our entire article to know all about it.

What your gym shoes indicate about you

1. Nike Sports shoes

If you always prefer athletic shoes over casual ones that tells us a lot about who you are. Suppose, if you love Nike Free runs, you must be an active person, physically fit in body and mind.

You do not have to be an active runner or an athletic person, even if you are someone who does Zumba wearing them; it means you are ready to take on any challenge. You are prepared, attentive but relaxed at the same time. You have a lot of stamina and energy building up inside you.

If you prefer Nike’s monochromatic designs that means you are a conserved person, but not an introvert though. If you prefer bright colored pairs, it means you are fun loving, open to all experiences and would strategically try to match your entire out of the day to be of best combination.    

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2. Wrestling sneakers

If you love wrestling sneakers that mean you are a serious person. You are serious when you commit, and want to keep your posture firm and uptight. You are also a fitness freak, you prefer any sort of free hand exercises. Muscle gains are important for you, and so are protein shakes and a healthy balanced diet. 

3. Regular sneakers pairs

If you prefer regular sneakers, open to sneakers from all brands including new Balance, Converse, Nike, Puma etc. you are probably around your early twenties to mid-thirties. You like to be up to date with style, fashion and trend. You want to fit in with the crowd and your surroundings. And since you do not have a specific brand preference that means you do not want to stand out too much in the crowd. You want people you like to notice you. 

You have a friendly nature and you are easy to get along with. You are not a risk taker and prefer to be on safe sides.  In case you are an adult in their thirties or forties who has an undying love for sneakers, that means you are young at heart. You want to experience challenges head on. You are lively, amiable, but you want people to take you seriously and you like to mix fashion with passion.

4. Branded expensive gym sneakers

Are you one of those who are not limited within high quality brand gym shoes and prefer all gym shoes that are $150 to $200 worth or more? If you are one of those who have a specific style statement and eyes for brand, those you will not wear anything cheap then you are certainly the type of person who wants to make and prove a statement.

No – is not an answer you prefer. You want things to go positively, negative negotiations or loss of profits sadden you, and you always try to best to minimize the line. Success is something you yearn for. 

You are updates on all current affairs, news and fashion trends. So you do not rely on a specific brand to present you. You are also open to collaborations and to new prepositions in life. To put in in one word you are versatile and you are willing to explore more. You are also energetic and are not defined by your age. You must have guess it? Yes we know the age group you belong to. You are neither too old nor too young, but a young promising man.

5. Slip on gym sneakers

If you prefer slip on sneakers over normal converse pairs, then you prefer comfort and easiness a lot more than style. We are not saying you are not stylish, people you wear slip on sneakers are indeed stylish and love following trends. Our opinion is that you do not want to waste time tying laces.

You love to be fashionable, but when the time comes you just want to get on with it. You probably have sorted out the outfit you want to wear at the gym the next day. But you decide to dress up just 5-10 minutes before you have to set off. 

Either you are a very busy hard working person, or you are a procrastinator. You are not one of those people who will spend hours getting ready just to go to the gym. Also you are easy to converse too, but you do not want to stand out in the crowd too much. You want to make yourself presentable and chic, but at the same time you hate the celebrity feeling. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article you should know what your gym shoes say about you. Now you can easily understand about a person’s personality from their foot war collection.

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