When Were Sneakers Invented?

When Were Sneakers Invented: Sneakers are one of the most used and favorite wardrobe essentials of this time. People stand in line for hours to buy their favorite sneakers, go way out of their budgets to buy limited-edition collections, and travel out of town to participate in big auctions that will be contained as prized possessions.

While some people make sure they have the entire set of sneaker collections of their favorite brand. But do you know no matter how much of a big sneaker fan you are; no matter whether you have the latest collection of vintage Jordan pair or the latest Balenciaga release if you are not aware of the fact where these sneakers came from you don’t know anything. Sneaker fans should know when sneakers were invented. To know when sneakers were invented stay tuned with us. 

History of Sneakers

The first sneakers were produced in the 1830s in England, back when Liverpool Rubber merged an outer canvas onto a rubber sole that was vulcanized. This was done to create an original sand shoe for the Victorian age middle class people. The purpose was for them to wear them while they went to the beach. This was the first design of sneaker the world has ever witnessed. Throughout the entire 19th century shoe manufacturers developed different styles of this modern shoe both in the UK and the USA. 

People who were into athletics and sports loved how well this new form of shoes helped them run well, as if their flexibility increased two fold due to these shoes. Soon the term “sneakers” was introduced in the US soil first in 1870. These new type of shoes were called sneakers because of how noiseless they were, people could sneak into a place wearing them making almost no noise at all.

In 1900 The Olympic athletes wore sneakers for the first time and played in all the games. Sneaker promotion in the USA was carried out actively by Pro-basketball player and champion Charles H. Taylor. His favorite were the converse pairs designed by Marquis M. Converse in 1917, which he passionately advertised and recommended to people. 

Taylor’s promotions and love for sneakers had touched the hearts and eyes of many fellow Americans. Thus due to increasing popularity of sneakers in 1923 the converse company decided to incorporate Taylor’s signature “Chuck” in the converse’s body. This design was not a customized one, rather they decided to add and make it permanent. The converse pair still have “Chucks” written on them till this day. 

When Did Adidas & Puma Originate?

Do you about everyone’s favorite brand adidas was founded in 1926 in Germany by the Dassler brothers, and after few years Puma was founded when the Dassler brothers split in 1948? Adolf Dassler was the one who initiated the famous sneaker brand Adidas. He and his brother Rudolf Dassler started manufactured 2 striped sneakers that were an instant hit at that time. In 1919 they established a shoe factory called GEDA that took them through World War 2. 3 years after the war ended, in 1948, due to some unfortunate circumstances their factory GEDA was shut down and a huge feud starting between Rudolf and Adolf Dassler.

Some people claim their fight started a long time back and it is because of their feud their factory faced losses and was forced to shut down. However, Adolf Dassler pursued with Adidas, while Rudolf Dassler started his own sneaker company called Puma.

Little did Adolf & Rudolf both know that their feud and rivalry would lead to the establishments of two of the biggest sneaker brands in the world that would dominate the sneaker market up till this day. Their feud not only brings the sneaker market the best sporting goods, but also helped re-shaping and re-structuring their small town of Herzogenaurach. 

Both Adidas and Puma are based on Herzogenaurach. Many sneaker lovers and die-hard enthusiasts visit Herzogenaurach which is now known as “cradle of the sporting goods industry” to celebrate and mark the anniversaries of the split of Dassler brother and the establishment of PUMA. 

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The establishments of other famous sneaker brands

In 1924, Sneakers were made international, and after the creation of Adidas and Puma, its popularity sky rocketed amongst youngsters. Tracking star sportsman Jessie Owens wore Adidas sneakers in the 1936 Olympics when he went to receive his 4 gold metals. During the first half of the 1900s people wore sneakers mostly during playing sports, camping. Climbing or during other recreational times. But it was after the 1950s that young adults started wearing sneakers as a fashion statement. This fashion trend spread to all the parts of the world within a short time. Teenagers would wear matching pair of sneakers with their outfits. Soon more people started wearing sneakers after James Dean wore them in his popular movie ‘Rebel without a Cause’  

Establishment of other famous brands

ASICS or Onitsuka Tigers one of the most popular sneaker brands were founded in 1949 in japan. Soon in 1958 Reebok was established and captured the attention of most sneaker lovers. New balance one of the most popular sneaker brands in the USA was founded in 1961, they initially started their collection with the ‘trackster’ series and Nike was established in 1972. All these brands helped to promote lifestyles that linked physical activities with leisure time and undoubtedly set footwear fashion to a new height. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article you are ought to know all about the history of sneakers and when they were first invented. Nowadays, many of the luxury sneaker brands have also taken up the initiatives of enhancing the historical references and the origin of their own brands while marketing. 

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