Where Are Adidas Shoes Made?

In the sports world, Adidas is a remarkable name. You won’t find nearly anyone who aren’t familiar with this brand. It is a German company that was founded in 1949 by a German athlete and shoemaker Adolf Dassler. So, you can tell, the name came from taking “Adi” from Adolf and “Das” from Dassler. These shoes are specially designed for sportsmen with the right grip and comfort.

With Adidas gaining much popularity throughout the world, the company opened factories overseas. Almost every continent now has over hundreds of Adidas shoe factories. It makes the international business more efficient and effective.  

Check out this article and you will learn in where Adidas runs its prime manufacturing plants. 

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While we were searching the answer to the question – “Where are Adidas shoes made?”, we got to know that America itself is the hub of Adidas factories. It has nearly 215 factories all together. Let us break down the numbers so that you can get a clear idea where your favorite shoes are coming from. 

If we look at North America, the United States has 71 Adidas shoe factories. Canada and Mexico also manufacture shoes for the same brand in 29 and 19 factories respectively. The Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras all together produce shoes in less then 5 factories for Adidas.

Moving to South America, we see Brazil dominating the manufacturing lead with 50 factories in 2010. That’s an increase from 27 factories in 2008. Following, Argentina provides quality shoes made in 19 factories which previously had only been 9 in number. Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru combinedly have fewer than 5 factories. 

Where are Adidas Shoes Made?

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There are 24 Adidas factories in Africa. South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland holds 18 factories among the 24. On the other hand, the islands of Madagascar and Mauritius have 3 factories. The rest of the 3 factories are situated in the North America where 2 of them are in Egypt and 1 in Tunisia.


Now, we will talk about the largest continent that produces Adidas shoes. You’ll ask people, where are Adidas shoes made and see people replying with China. This is because China holds about 27 percent of the company’s factories and that is 337 in number. Huge! Isn’t it? 

After China the biggest manufacturing shoe companies are situated in India. As big as the nation, India serves Adidas with its best craftsmanship shoes from 99 factories. 

Followingly, Indonesia has 79 factories in number whereas Vietnam 76. Well, this is not the end. Developed and developing countries like Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines all of them provide shoes for Adidas. They all have between 10 to 60 factories that run the operations.

Also, Adidas shoes are made in Bangladesh, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka. The number of factories for these countries altogether fewer than 10. In the past, Russia had been a good contributor for Adidas. However, the number of factories declined from 10 to 4 in the span of 2 years (2008 – 2010). 

The Middle Eastern nations like Turkey, Jordan, and Israel supply high quality shoes from 15 Adidas factories. Worth mentioning, Turkey alone holds 13 factories among the 15.


Adidas has built an empire of factories all over Europe. The shoes that are made in Europe mostly comes from Germany. It has 23 Adidas factories with a high growth. Turns out, Germany had only 13 factories in 2008. Can you see the high demand? Similarly, Italy, Spain and the UK are doing amazing job at supplying fresh Adidas shoes.

Sweden having 7 factories is followed by Denmark and Finland that altogether possess 9 factories built for Adidas. The famous brand has also broadened its manufacturing plants in both Eastern and Central Europe, especially in the Czech Republic, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovenia, and the Ukraine. 

Speaking of Southeastern Europe, Adidas shoes are made in countries like Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, France, Greece, Portugal, and Switzerland.


Though we have seen increasing numbers of factories all across Europe, Asia, and America, the numbers are declining in Australia. In 2008 the continent had total 9 Adidas factories which grew to 10 in 2009. However, the number dropped in 2010 resulting only 3 factories in this continent. 

New Zealand

Just like Australia, New Zealand also experienced a drop in number of factories. It had 4 factories in 2008. In a year, the country had only one factory increase but then again, the number failed miserably resulting only 1 factory in 2010. It happened because the Adidas Group has changed their focus from local supply chain to foreign imports so that the sourcing channel becomes more efficient and profitable.

Final Verdict

Adidas shoes are undoubtedly one of the best sports footwear brands out there. They source their shoes from all across the globe. We have mentioned the number of factories each continent possesses above. We tried to breakdown the numbers country wise so that you can understand where are Adidas shoes made. It’s really an old company that has successfully won the hearts of millions. 

As we described, most of the Adidas shoes are made in Asia. Because of cheap labor, and high configuration technology, China has been sourcing Adidas shoes for a long time now. Over the years, Adidas expanded its factory numbers all over the world. Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and most of other continents now produce Adidas shoes than ever before.

However, we have seen production declining in Australia and New Zealand over the years. Adidas is also cutting off its operations in Russia. One great thing about Adidas is that it not only creates a space for quality footwear manufactures but also acts as sponsors for many sport clubs and individual.

So, we hope you now know where are Adidas shoes made. Go collect your favorite pair!

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