Where are Merrell Shoes Made?

Do you love your Merrell designer boots? Well, we assume you do! This brings you to the point where are Merrell shoes made. With a lot of surfing the internet, you have come to the right place!

Though Merrell is now an American brand, widely known as a subsidiary of Wolverine World Wide, it has business operations running in many countries across the globe. And yes, you guessed it right, Merrell doesn’t make shoes in the US only.

With globally operating business, Merrell has been manufacturing shoes from many Asian countries. These countries produce high quality shoes at a very low cost. That makes it clear why the brand has become a huge success!   

Company Background of Merrell

Merrell is one of the top footwear brands in America. Three brilliant minds Clark Matis, Randal Ivan Merrell, and John Schweizer formed this company back in the 1980s. Before that, it was a subsidiary of the shoe industry giant Wolverine World Wide. 

The company has gained its trust and support among hikers with their outstanding hiking boots. In 2010, the company recorded a total of nearly $500 million sales record which is pretty insane! 

Well, Merrell is not only renowned for designer footwear but also for clothing products. They sell hiking boots, athletic shoes, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, sandals, socks and other accessories such as backpacks, bags, and stuff sacks.

A Brief History About the Company

Although you are here to learn where are Merrell shoes made, we think it’s best if you know about the company’s history first. We already mentioned the founders of Merrell but in this section, we will break down the history why they started Merrell in the first place. We will explain how this company has now become a renowned brand.

The company was initially built by two executives from Rossignol Ski company. They are Clark Matis and John Schweizer. Later on, Randal Ivan Merrell joined the team leaving behind his private, custom hiking boots business.

So, they split into divisions and took care of the different departments. Randy Merrell was responsible for finding the right craftsmanship, Matis for creativity and marketing, whereas Schweizer pitched his business skills and built connections. All of them were much hard working that made this company so famous.

They were working for developing a new leadership in the shoe industry of Italy. The shoes were manufactured with care by the Italian craftsmen. 

In 1983, Merrell launched their first product to the market. It was east coast retailer specializing in hiking gear.

Though the company was doing great, Randal Ivan Merrell was unsatisfied with his share in the company. So, later in 1986, he sold all of his shares of Merrell and got back to his private company again. 

Merrell’s Transition Period

With Randy Merrell walking out of the business, Karhu purchased the company, Merrell in 1987. As a matter of fact, the new business owners started shifting their production from Italy to Asia. They cut off the retail prices and expanded the sales volume. 

You will be thrilled that the brand hit $4 million in sales just one year later. Followingly, Merrell started growing, increasing sales by 50%. In 1990, they hit $10 million in sales for the first time becoming a global enterprise. Canada, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and the United States soon became their next targets to do business.

By 1992, the company doubled their sales volume topping $20 million mark. Their products were highly popular in 22 different countries. 

Then, Kahru sold Merrell to the famous shoe industry giant Wolverine World Wide in 1997. The time Wolverine acquired Merrell, they earned $23 million in sales total which was definitely a massive success for the company. 

Manufacturing Plant of Merrell Shoes

So, now we have come to our ultimate question – where are Merrell shoes made? As we have shown you earlier that Merrell shoes were originally made in Italy. However, with the business shifting, expansion, and acquisition, Merrell had started manufacturing its shoes in many other countries now. 

Mostly, these shoes are made in the United States and various Asian countries. Vietnam is one of the popular countries that Merrell is proud of producing shoes. The acquisition of Wolverine World Wide has made the US a hub for manufacturing Merrell shoes now. 

Why Should You Trust Merrell Shoes?

Now that you know where are Merrell shoes made, you should know how you can trust this brand. Sure, its popularity says a lot about its loyalty but you still need to know some factors.

First of all, Merrell’s core values are enough to gain your credibility. They focus on four aspects greatly. These factors are comfort, durability, design, and versatility. They make shoes with high quality materials. You will enjoy every step whether you are inside or outside of your home.

The company designs shoes that are structured appropriately. As a result, the shoes will provide you with comfort both physically and mentally.

Merrell puts emphasis on not only functionality of the shoes but also puts effort in its outlook. The shoes are so durable that you won’t have to go frequent shoe shopping. Also, you can perform a lot of types of activities with these boots. Walking, running, hiking, and climbing are the popular choices that people love to perform wearing these shoes.

Final Thoughts

Being a world class brand, Merrell has been doing a great job in the shoe industry since the 1980s. As it gained much demand and popularity across the country, the company decided to expand its business in other countries. Although the US and many Asian countries are manufacturing Merrell shoes, the company is now operating business in 22 countries with a higher profit margin.

Lastly, we hope you finally gained insights about where are Merrell shoes made.

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