Where are ‘New Balance’ Shoes Made?

New Balance is a company that has been around for more than 100 years. The brand is still owned privately and mainly focuses on footwear. They are well known for their manufacturing presence. However, where do they produce all their products? Where are New Balance shoes made? We will try to answer this question today.

There are somethings that we must know about New Balance before we dive into the details. They have a long legacy of their business before they established themselves as a corporate juggernaut.


New Balance shoes started in 1906 as “New Balance Arch Support Company, Inc.” and later on were registered as “New Balance Arch Co., Inc.”. They operated in around the Boston region of the United States. Their first line of products were arch supports. With their success, it did not take very long for them to start making shoes.


As we have already stated it before, New Balance gained a lot of fame for their manufacturing presence. Their primary traction comes from their range of shoes under the Made in USA section.

Where are 'New Balance' Shoes Made?

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Made in USA

It may initially seem good on paper, but not all New Balance shoes are made in the United States. This may come as a surprise to a lot of New Balance customers or fans. However, that does not change the truth. They have been found to claim that one out of every four pairs they sell in the United States were made in American factories, by American employees.

Trickery or Fact?

The thing to take note of here is the fact that they always stated “made OR assembled”. This was clearly a way to manipulated or trick the customer demography – and it worked. There have been numerous ongoing legal issues going on between the FTC and New Balance since the 1990s.

No valid shoes have been found to be 100% made in the United States. While they do claim this to be the case, the evidence does not seem to back them up.

False Marketing

Now to add to that, there is also a good chance that New Balance regularly fools their audience with their advertising. They display products to be “Made in USA”, despite they are supposedly only 70% domestic. That in itself is a large contradiction on the end of the company.

For something to be labelled – Made in USA gives off the idea that it is well and truly, created, assembled and packed in the United States of America. It does not seem to be the case here, as 70% suggests that there are portions in the manufacturing process that come from outside the USA.

Updates to their Website

New Balance have over the years changed their slogan. They do not claim that all their shoes are made in the USA anymore, probably due to legal issues involved. They clearly have it specified that not all their shoes are made in USA, but some are. Below the product description,

Made in UK

There is a sizeable amount of products that come from UK, and are produced from there. Their factory located in Flimby, England ends up creating up to 30,000 pairs of shoes every week.

Higher Retail Prices

We learned previously that not all made in USA shoes from New Balance are actually made in USA. It should therefore, come as no surprise that the UK made products are slightly more expensive. This is because the Made in UK series are separate form Made in USA. Moreover, they are actually produced and packed in UK, giving the shoes a higher retail value.

Where it’s Really Made

From our understanding, a lot of the shoes of New Balance are made in China. That probably may come off as a shocker to a lot of you, but it can safely be said this is true. There are other small countries that were also involved in this, but China was making products for New Balance far more significantly than the others.

Why China?

The simplest and easiest reason why a company like this would go to China for production is simple. China’s production industry is much higher than other countries of the same economic scale. The production rate increases greatly due to the productivity gains involved. This allows New Balance to pay China less for the same amount of work as they would in the USA.

The Last American Sportswear Brand

Many of you may already be aware of this already, but New Balance is the last big sportswear brand in the US today. Outsiders own most other big sportswear companies, or their ownerships are shared amongst them. Due to the situation being this way, New Balance has needed to cut down on their manufacturing costs to make ends meet for their business.

The Studies of ‘Made in USA’

New Balance has not been honest for a lot of their claims, and most of it came into light since 2001. It was revealed then that they do not indeed provide with honest information in their Made in USA strategy. In reality, a lot of their shoes were made by China and other countries in Asia.

This caused New Balance to change a lot of their marketing strategies (definitely for the better). This had helped them gain some traction back, but never really got them the redemption they needed.

They were not trustworthy to those outside of the USA due to their professional shadiness. You can also see how most other bigger companies and platforms are no longer

In Conclusion

People were widely manipulated by the marketing strategy of New Balance. Only in recent years it has been publicized how they are probably fooling a large sector of their customers. We hope this article has helped you understand how and where New Balance shoes are made.

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