Where to Buy Rock Climbing Shoes?

Rock climbing shoes are like the ABC of climbing sessions. You don’t have a pair and you are already one step behind the game. This leads to the age-old question: where to buy rock climbing shoes?

Get excited because there are tons of stores around! Whether you want to purchase physically or online, this article will help you with every bit of information.

Why You Need to Use Rock Climbing Shoes?

You might have heard about rock climbing shoes too much in your climbing sessions. It might have motivated you to reach us at this point searching where to buy rock climbing shoes. However, did you ever thought about the benefits of wearing these pairs?

Rock climbing shoes are made of soft rubber providing maximum grip to your toes. Your feet will feel comfortable while you climb up the wall. For experiencing a safe climbing adventure, you must get one of these exceptional footwears.

Stores Where You Can Find Rock Climbing Shoes: Online and Offline

Since you are looking where to buy rock climbing shoes, we think it’s best to consider both the online and offline options. We can guarantee you that each of the stores has much advantages outweighing the other, following with a few cons.

We will make this shoe store searching easy for you.  Let’s start talking about the pros and cons of both online and offline stores first. You’ll get a better understanding which platform to explore.

Where to Buy Rock Climbing Shoes

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Online Rock-Climbing Shoe Stores


  • The internet will provide you a wide variety of options. You can choose shoes of different designs, colors, and price ranges within a few clicks only.
  • You can compare prices and quality with other retailers.
  • It’s possible to purchase the best priced shoes.


  • Shipping charges can enhance your real price to a greater extent.
  • You cannot try the shoes beforehand.
  • Some retailers don’t have a refund or return option.
  • Shipping time can take much long.

Physical Rock-Climbing Stores or Your Local Gym


  • You can have a pre-trial session with the shoes before purchasing.
  • You can consult with experts before buying the rock-climbing shoes.
  • Local gyms may also provide you with some other rock-climbing benefits.


  • These shoes cost more than online store-bought shoes.
  • They usually have small collection with limited shoe size.

Now, let’s hop on to some really good stores where to buy rock climbing shoes. Don’t worry, we’ll cover physical stores and online ones too. We’ll try to provide as much as information possible so that you don’t miss out the good stuffs!

Offline Stores for Climbing Shoe Purchasing

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)

We’ll start off with one of the renowned brands, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI). It’s the perfect place to buy rock climbing shoes from anywhere in the US. They have enough stock to provide the right-sized shoes for you.

By becoming an REI member, you can receive 10% dividend on all your REI purchases. Awesome! Right? However, if you don’t like visiting stores too much or lack time to do so, they have an online store as well. You may love their products for the reasonable price they sell.

Local Gym

Whether you are a gym person or not, you can definitely find shoes at your local gym. Well, we are not referring here to any particular gym here. Almost all of the mega gyms provide similar kind of facilities these days.

One thing you should keep in mind that you might not get too much options in these gyms. Mostly, they store up a few models with the common foot size. Just go there and explore the rock-climbing shoes. You might get lucky! Also, we think local gyms are excellent places to purchase shoes as you can directly consult with professionals.

Online Stores for Climbing Shoe Purchasing


Get ready to shop Climbers! Backcountry is the ultimate online gear store for you! This store has not only a proficient number of rock-climbing shoes but also any type of shoes you want. They also have an excellent collection of clothing and camping products.

If you are a sports person or someone who enjoys adventure, backcountry is the place to shop. They have a competitive price strategy. The best thing about this online store is that they provide faster shipping than other online stores.

You will be delighted to receive sweet emails from them. They care enough to ship the product straight to your door and confirm it later. Also, we really love how they use stickers in their mails to put a smile on the customer’s face.


Lastly, we’ll talk about Amazon, the largest ecommerce store where you can find whatever you want to buy. Probably, you are already familiar with purchasing with Amazon. It’s okay if you are not. We’ll discuss how you can pick up outstanding rock-climbing shoes from Amazon.

So, Amazon is more like a hub of retailers. They are not the direct manufacturers of any item but sell products through different retail stores. It’s like the easiest option where to buy rock climbing shoes.

You can check the ratings and customer reviews from their website. It will add a good sense of the product before purchasing. The prices are extremely reasonable in Amazon. You don’t like a particular brand? Keep scrolling!

Though the shipping time can vary and your product might ship late, Amazon Prime can shorten the shipping time into 2-3 days!

Final Words

Rock climbing shoes are extremely beneficial climbing big walls. Add in large cracks too! Companies designs these shoes differently than the regular trainers. However, these shoes are not really that hard to find. We hope this article will help you to figure out places where to buy rock climbing shoes. You can get them through both online and offline stores. Consider making a list of your requirements before buying the best pair. So, happy climbing!

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