Where‌ ‌to‌ ‌Recycle‌ ‌Tennis‌ ‌Shoes

Are you looking for where‌ ‌to‌ ‌recycle‌ ‌tennis‌ ‌shoes? Then you should drop them off at a place that is reliable. These places will make sure that your used shoes get recycled properly and do not harm nature in any way. Additionally, bring something new out of these used tennis shoes. So read below for more details-

How Often Do You Need New Tennis Shoes

Are you a tennis player? If you play tennis very frequently then there is something common that occurs in your life and that is- you need to change your tennis shoes! Tennis shoes are not like your regular shoes that will wear out very soon. In that case, you might have to get new shoes very often! 

A general rule says that you can wear your tennis shows a acumulation of 40 to 60 hours. Well, basically after that your midsole start to wear out. Even if we consider 50 hours of usage, that’s not a lot. So, as a regular tennis player, you may have to buy tons of tennis shoes. In that case, you can donate these shoes. You can additionally, resell these used shoes too before they wear out completely and become unusable.

Why Do You Need To Recycle Tennis Shoes

If you dump your worn-out tennis shoes, just so you know, it will take them years to decompose and there are chances that may take a lifetime. So, would you ever want your favorite tennis shoes that once were so close to your heart (probably because your mum got them for you or you bought them with your first salary) to ruin nature? We bet you would never want that even in your wildest dreams.

In that case, you should try recycling. This way, your once favorite pair of tennis shoes will not cause any harm to nature and you can say goodbye to them in a good way. 

Let’s say you change your tennis shoes once or twice a year. In that case, you can recycle them too. As a matter of fact, it won’t go to waste entirely. Something better and new can come out of it. Later, someone else will get to use a part of it in some way or another. Additionally, recycling is eco-friendly. So, why not be a part of a great cause just by recycling your used tennis shoes? 

The Best Places to Recycle Tennis Shoes

There are multiple organizations that recycle tennis shoes. All you have to do is, drop your used and worn-out shoes there and they will take care of the rest. We have jotted down some options for you where you can drop off your favorite tennis shoes when you are ready to end your journey with them. Let’s see where‌ ‌to‌ ‌recycle‌ ‌tennis‌ ‌shoes.

  • Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program. When it comes to recycling your tennis shoes, no one can beat Nike. Nike will accept your tennis shoes in any given condition. All you have to do is, drop your shoes off at the store and they will be in action accordingly. 

After taking your used shoes, Nike sends them for the Nike Grind. Where they gather all the old shoes and grind the rubber materials and other parts of different sports shoes including tennis shoes. The grind additionally includes defective shoes and other materials as well.

Once they grind your shoes, they create new shoes out of them for upcoming brand new journeys with them. This process is eco-friendly and does not waste any part of your tennis shoes. 

If you are unable to drop off your tennis shoes at your nearby Nike store or if you cannot locate a store nearby you, in that case, you can mail them your shoes. Here is an address we found for you if you live in Lebanon- Nike Recycling Center. c/o Reuse-A-Shoe. 199 Pearson Parkway. Lebanon, IN 46052. You have to bear the shipping cost in that case. Otherwise, call Nike’s hotline to get the address where you can mail your used tennis shoes for recycling.

For more details: Click Here

  • Adidas Make Every Thread Count program. When your journey with your shoes comes to end, Adidas likes to believe the story does not end here. In that case, Adidas has recently initiated this program to recycle your used shoes and bring something new out of them. 

Although this program of Adidas is still on its baby steps, they take in any type of shoes. There are no restrictions on that. So, you can send other shoes too if you prefer to.

Adidas’s new program will take your shoes and send them for the further process. Here your shoes, along with other shoes and different parts of materials of shoes will be recycled all together. This will create something new. They will make new desirable shoes from their line in an eco-friendly way. These new shoes will go straight for further test runs. If they pass, they will be hopefully launched in the coming years. 

So, if you have worn-out tennis shoes that you can no longer use, send them to Adidas and they will ensure a safe way to recycle them and create something better out of them. 

Currently, some Adidas stores in LA are running this project. So, if you are in LA and looking for the best way to recycle your favorite pair of shoes then visit the Adidas store nearby you now!

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  • Asics stores. We have another incredible option for you! ASICS stores have many outlets so, chances are that you can easily find one near you. One specialty of their recycling process is that they will take shoes and clothes from any brand. So, it does not matter where you got your tennis shoes from, just visit them and drop off your old tennis shoes in the right hands. 

They will make sure of recycling your shoes and making something far better out of them. Don’t worry! The journey of your shoes will continue even if you don’t wear them any longer. 

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Bottom Line

No matter how expensive shoes you wear, they all have a lifespan. Now that you know where‌ ‌to‌ ‌recycle‌ ‌tennis‌ ‌shoes and, after this wonderful footwear has served you well, you should pay tribute to them by recycling properly and not making them a burden on our environment.

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