Why Glue Pennies to Shoes

Have you heard parents sticking pennies to their kid’s shoes? Did you ever witness such scenario? It might seem weird but it’s a useful trick! Let us tell you why glue pennies to shoes as parents.

By sticking pennies, most parents tend to create sound effects while their kids walk or play around in those shoes. As the kids move around, they tap and so the parents can be relieved about their kids’ whereabouts. On the other hand, this technique can be a good alternative of purchasing tap dancing shoes. You will save money and also handmade shoes will provide your kids the utmost comfort. 

Why Glue Pennies to Shoes? We say why not. So, don’t throw away all those useless pennies. They are still worth using. Perhaps, they way is different but you will get much benefits.

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Why do We See Pennies Glued Under Kids Shoes?

In recent days, parents have become smarter and more efficient in teaching their kids different skills. One of the most popular skills are tap dancing. It’s really amusing to see little kids dancing with little feet tapping all over the floor. 

Well, as you know, tap dancing requires a special pair of shoes that can click tapping noise within each step. However, kids being on their growth period needs to change shoe sizes each time they grow up. As a result, it becomes hectic for the parents to spend money for a small period of time.

Hence, some parents came up with a smart solution. Instead of buying shoes frequently, they started saving pennies. Of course, a lot of pennies can buy a good pair. But what if we use only a few pennies, glue them underneath the kid’s shoes, and let them enjoy tapping on them?  It’s a pretty cool idea that requires little money!

You won’t need to buy tap dance shoes anymore. A regular pair will do the job amazingly. Though there’s a chance you will need to change the shoes over time, they will still be less costly than tap dance shoes. 

Don’t think that this is the only purpose pennies can serve as glued to shoes. Apart from tap dancing, there are also more benefits which is why parents glue pennies to shoes.

Why Glue Pennies to Shoes

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What are the Other Benefits of Gluing Pennies to Shoes?

  1. First of all, your kids will get to have a fun DIY pair. You can easily work by keeping them distracted with the shoes.
  2. You will need to look less whenever your kids are playing. The sound will ensure that they are nearby and you will be much tension free.
  3. Of course, these penny shoes will save you a great deal of money. You can save almost up to $30 using these as a tap shoe alternative.
  4. With gluing pennies on the bottom of your child’s shoes, the shoes become more stronger and grip oriented. There remains less chances of slipping down. So, your kid’s safety is assured.
  5. Some parents even glue pennies on the laces of their kids’ shoes. It helps the shoes to remain tighter. So no more loosen laces anymore!

Making a DIY Tap Dancing Shoes with Pennies

So, now that you know why glue pennies to shoes as parents, it’s time we share you with the methods to stick pennies at the bottom of your kid’s shoes. It’s super easy and fun to make. The plus point we add in here is the comfort your kids are going to receive.


Let’s start with the ingredients. We will need only two ingredients to make this DIY shoes.

  1. Pennies: Take out all the pennies you have collected and keep aside the few pennies you are about to use. You can determine the amount by checking on the shoe size. 
  2. Glues: Try to select a glue that is much strong and effective in sticking the coins. However, don’t pour too much glue as it will reduce the sound. On the other hand, don’t use less amount of glue or else the pennies won’t stick to the shoes properly. 


  1. Firstly, take the shoes and mark the area where you will stick the pennies. 
  2. As we have discussed, the amount of glue needs to be adequate. With that keeping in mind, put a small portion (approximately two drops) of glue on the middle of the penny. You might have to increase the number of drops for a larger size.
  3. Then, place the pennies horizontally on the north side of the shoe. The first and second line can have two and three pennies respectively.
  4. On the southward base, do the exact same thing. Remember to keep the proportion right so that the pennies can sound while dancing with these shoes.

Tips to Remember

While applying this technique, you should remember a few important tips to avoid unwanted circumstances. They are:

  1. Try sticking the pennies using a glue. Tapes don’t work well. It may lose some ends and your pennies will fall off the shoes.
  2. Don’t stack too much pennies on the bottom of the shoes. If the pennies outweigh the shoe, your kids will have trouble moving with them.
  3. Try to change the pennies every now and then. It will tighten the integrity and your kids will feel much comfortable. 


This tradition of gluing pennies to shoes might not be much popular, yet it is very useful. With parents being so busy these days, it’s now easier to control children with applying this technique. It is definitely a penny saving activity. It also helps to make your shoes long-lasting. 

We hope this article was useful for you. We tried to explain why glue pennies to shoes as parents. With that being said, we wish you luck with all those saved pennies!

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